Halloween '08

Mark has developed into a skilled pumpkin artist.  Here are his two projects for this year.  He took them around to work and some parties, and of course everyone was amazed.

And we couldn't resist the urge to dress up ourselves, even if we didn't have a costume party to go to
Yes, John and Sarah.
Some might say this is too scary, and we tried to avoid being seen by any impressionable children.  Notice for accuracy the button showing Sarah going rogue!

Lena went to a big party at one of her favorite bars dressed as a Brownie.  She found her old sash and insignia, and the Moms made the perfect beanie.  I especially love the little cookie box purse.  She tried to get Steve to go as a Cub Scout, but that was a no go.  It was Sonny Crockett all the way!